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  • In 2018, the environmental administration organised a nationwide air quality measurement campaign in collaboration with 36 participating municipalities and myenergy. More specifically, it is a national measurement campaign of NO2 by passive tubes in the context of the national air quality program and the "Klimapakt Loftqualitéit". The campaign aims to raise awareness and inform municipalities and their inhabitants about the air quality in their respective municipalities, motivate municipalities to contribute to improving their air quality, and demonstrate the efforts undertaken by municipalities for future communications.

  • The hydromorphological status was determined by a monitoring compliant with the Water Framework Directive (Directive 2000/60/EU). The elaboration of a structural quality mapping is one part of this monitoring. Within the scope of the work on the structural quality mapping, a total of 31 parameters in the area of the river bed, the river bank and the floodplain are assessed so that the structural quality mapping contains detailed information on the river morphology and the river continuity. In this case, the evaluation of the mapped sections is based on seven classes. The areas river bed, left river bank, right riverbank, left floodplain and right floodplain are represented in 5 strips.

  • Boues d'épuration

  • Phytoplancon is one of the 4 biological quality elements (BQE) for the assessment of the ecological status of the natural water bodies. The evaluation of this BQE is only relevant for the large rivers where the quantity of phytoplancton is significant and can be evaluated. The natural water bodies of typology VI present significant phytoplancton concentrations to allow an assessment. Some of the heavy modified waterbodies (HMWB) present significant phytoplancton concentrations too, these are the HMWB Sûre (WB III-2.2.1) and the HMWB Our (WB V-1.2). The annual frequency for phytoplancton monitoring is 6 samples between April and October.

  • The current water levels can be downloaded. Water levels are updated up to every 15 minutes. **The data is not validated. The data is issued by the Administration de la gestion de l’eau and the Service de la navigation (Moselle).** Important notice: The time is given in Western European Time **(UTC+1)** all year, the European Summer Time is not considered. You may have to adapt the time to your needs.

  • Décharges de déchets inertes, de construction et de démolition

  • Entrepôts de déchets

  • Data related to waste treatment and collection facilities in Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg.

  • This dataset has been derived from the "LIMADMIN" data and contains the Historical Statistical Units of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. This dataset is only valid for the reference period of 2015 -2017. It represent the municipalities with a LAU2 code. The dataset is structured according to the INSPIRE Annex III Theme - Statistical Units.

  • Evaluation of the quality element “continuity” per surface water body