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  • In the detailed programme of measures, the types of measures related to hydromorphology (HY) and urban wastewater management (SWW) which are defined in the catalogue of measures of the second river basin management plan, were assigned to the individual water bodies. The objective of this assignation is to identify for each water body those measures that will help to reduce the pressures and deficits present in the water body, thereby improving its status or maintaining its good status.

  • The chemical status of the surface water bodies is assessed as being good or failing to achieve good chemical status. The assessment of the chemical status for the second river basin management plan is based on the list of substances of directive 2008/105/EC and the environmental quality standards established by the new directive 2013/39/EC.

  • Biomonitoring is conducted primarily in urban areas near electric arc steel mills. These facilities represent potential sources of emissions of organic and metal compounds that are then transported by air to urbanized areas. Metal compounds emitted by steel mills are fixed by dust particles. Solid, liquid or gaseous organic compounds may also adsorb or be absorbed by these particles. The organic pollutants studied in a biomonitoring network are dioxins/furans (PCDD/PCDF), polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). As an accessory, to complete the observations and to establish correlations with the other pollutants, the accumulation of heavy metals cadmium, chromium, mercury, lead, vanadium and zinc is also analysed. Translated with

  • Décharges déchets ménagers

  • The macroinvertebrates are sampled according to the French method IBGN ( indice biologique global normalisé , agences de l' eau 2000). The results allow to classify the surface water bodies into 5 classes : high - good - moderate - poor - bad. Macroinvertebrates are sensitive to the hydromorphology, organic pollution , biological continuity , water regime and acidification. The Macroinvertebrates are one out of four biological parameters of the ecological status of surface water.

  • Boues d'épuration

  • Bruit des avions par jour et par heure, entre 2012 et 2018

  • BD-L-TC - water towers from the official carto-/topographic database. The BD-L-TC is a vector dataset at the scale 1:5000 which represents the earth surface's objects on the national territory, with attributes in german, french and english. Data transformed into INSPIRE data model