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  • Gestion des déchets de l'industrie extractive

  • Boues d'épuration

  • The dataset represents the public train transport network as coordinated by the Verkéiersverbond. The constantly updated data can be viewed on the geoportal (

  • According to the Water Framework Directive (Directive 2000/60/EC ), macrophytes and diatoms are monitored as two sub-elements of the aquatic flora. Macrophytes are particularly sensitive to organic pollution, trophy and hydromorphology. The diatom assemblages are different in function of concentrations of nutrients and organic pollutants.

  • The macroinvertebrates are sampled according to the French method IBGN ( indice biologique global normalisé , agences de l' eau 2000). The results allow to classify the surface water bodies into 5 classes : high - good - moderate - poor - bad. Macroinvertebrates are sensitive to the hydromorphology, organic pollution , biological continuity , water regime and acidification. The Macroinvertebrates are one out of four biological parameters of the ecological status of surface water.

  • Daily pollen concentration data for 33 pollen types since Jan 1, 1992 in Luxembourg. The view service of this dataset support time requests. The different wms shows value of measurements at a precise timestamp.

  • Drillings and wells of Luxembourg dug to exploit groundwater

  • The Web Map Services (WMS) view service, giving view access to all harmonised datasets of the Luxembourg public administrations that are within scope of the INSPIRE Addresses theme.

  • INSPIRE version of the 2004 Orthophoto of the ACT. The pixel size is 50cm. Light versions (1m, 10m) available.

  • The current water levels can be downloaded. Water levels are updated up to every 15 minutes. **The data is not validated. The data is issued by the Administration de la gestion de l’eau and the Service de la navigation (Moselle).** Important notice: The time is given in Western European Time **(UTC+1)** all year, the European Summer Time is not considered. You may have to adapt the time to your needs.