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  • Risk assessment of the groundwater body regarding the failure of the good state in 2027.

  • The WFD's quantitative status objectives aim to ensure a balance between groundwater withdrawal and recharge.

  • Risk assessment of the groundwater body regarding the failure of the good state in 2021.

  • Risk assessment of the groundwater body regarding the good chemical state in 2027.

  • Luxembourg's surface water bodies have been grouped into so-called "study zones", which essentially correspond to the country's major catchment areas. Seven study zones have been designated in total.

  • According to the water framework directive (Directive 2000/60/CE), the biological parameter fish are monitored in surface water bodies in order to determine the ecological status. Fish react sensitively to the continuity and the hydrological flow of surface water. Fish are therefor sampled in the SWB which have deficits here. The methodology applied for sampling is the standard NF EN 14962:2006 "water quality − guidance on the scope and selection of fish sampling methods".

  • Measuring points of groundwater quality regarding the water framework directive.

  • Overall evaluation of the hydromorphological status per surface water body. The assessment of the hydromorphological status is based on the mapping and the assessment of the structural quality of the Luxembourgish watercourses. The quality element “morphology” has not been covered in the framework of the structural quality mapping, but only the two quality elements related to continuity and morphology. The hydromorphological status is assessed in 5 classes.

  • The hydromorphological status was determined by a monitoring compliant with the Water Framework Directive (Directive 2000/60/EU). The elaboration of a structural quality mapping is one part of this monitoring. Within the scope of the work on the structural quality mapping, a total of 31 parameters in the area of the river bed, the river bank and the floodplain are assessed so that the structural quality mapping contains detailed information on the river morphology and the river continuity. In this case, the evaluation of the mapped sections is based on seven classes. The results of the evaluation were aggregated into an overall evaluation per mapped section.

  • Drinking water shortage (level « red »)