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Administration de la gestion de l'Eau

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  • These are cross sections that where taken every 100m for the fifteen TIMIS rivers. Data not transformed into INSPIRE data model

  • Luxembourg's surface water bodies have been grouped into so-called "study zones", which essentially correspond to the country's major catchment areas. Seven study zones have been designated in total.

  • In the detailed programme of measures, the types of measures related to hydromorphology (HY) and urban wastewater management (SWW) which are defined in the catalogue of measures of the second river basin management plan, were assigned to the individual water bodies. The objective of this assignation is to identify for each water body those measures that will help to reduce the pressures and deficits present in the water body, thereby improving its status or maintaining its good status.

  • Evaluation of the quality element “morphological conditions” per surface water body

  • Risk assessment of the groundwater body regarding the good quantitative state in 2021.

  • Elevation, at a certain location and time, of the water table or piezometric surface of an aquifer.

  • The concept of aquatic habitat connectivity is based on the migration of aquatic species from habitats presenting favorable local conditions to habitats presenting less favorable habitats. Based on the structural quality mapping carried out in 2013-2014 and the planning conditions and restrictions, the watercourse network of the luxemburgish surface water bodies was divided into six categories of functional elements.

  • The flood risk management directive (directive 2007/60/CE) consider the development of flood risk management plans as an appropriate tool to prevent or reduce the adverse effects of flood events. The focus is particularly on prevention, protection and precautions. The catalog of measures drawn up for Luxembourg corresponds in its structure and basic statements to the German LAWA catalog of measures.

  • Risk assessment of the groundwater body regarding the failure of the good state in 2021.

  • The chemical status of the surface water bodies is assessed as being good or failing to achieve good chemical status. The assessment of the chemical status for the second river basin management plan is based on the list of substances of directive 2008/105/EC and the environmental quality standards established by the new directive 2013/39/EC.