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  • Dataset containing the stables per species and farm. Data not transformed into INSPIRE data model

  • This dataset contains the cadastral zoning of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. The cadastral parcels in Luxembourg do have unique parcels numbers for a so-called cadastral section. Sections are unique subdivisions for a "cadastral municipality". There are 130 cadastral municipalities, which consist of the municipalities existing in the beginning of the 19th century, when the original cadastral surveyings and organisations took place. Today there are only 106 administrative municipalities in Luxembourg because, some municipalities have been merged at the administrative level.

  • This dataset represents coverage data harmonized according to INSPIRE. It is an airborne geophysical map representing the count of potassium. This image has been reprojected to EPSG:3035.

  • Surface geologic units of Luxembourg at the resolution of 1:350000. Data harmonized according to the INSPIRE directive. The scans of the paper maps related to the "General Geological Map of Luxembourg, Scale 1:100 000" and the "Geomorphological Map of Luxembourg, Scale 1:100 000" are also provided. This data is shared as additional information, although it is not in scope of the directive.

  • Remarkable trees. Data transformed into INSPIRE data specifications on Protected Sites.

  • Environmental Monitoring Programme related to the nitrate directive.

  • In the scope of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) requiring countries and airports to provide electronic Terrain and Obstacle Data (eTOD), the Administration de la navigation aérienne has been tasked by the Government to take the steps necessary to comply with this requirement. This Digital Terrain Model (DTM) is the result of a first LIDAR survey flight that has been done in October 2017 and is of a higher resolution than required by ICAO, thus for general purpose, harmonized according to INSPIRE requirements. For this reason this DTM also uses the national reference systems LUREF and NGL. The data itself is split up in 4 different areas, which are specified as follows: Area 1: The entire territory of Luxembourg; Area 2: Terminal Control Area (this area is larger than the territory of Luxembourg); Area 3: Aerodrome movement area; Area 4: Category II or III operations (Runway 24).

  • Drinking water syndicates. Data transformed into INSPIRE data specifications on Protected Sites.

  • This dataset contains the maps of flood hazard of a flood with a return period of 10 years. The dataset is structured according to the INSPIRE Annex III Theme - Natural Risk Zones.

  • The predefined dataset download links to all harmonised datasets of the Luxembourg public administrations that are within scope of the INSPIRE Addresses theme.